Galleria Browning
    Images of Lorenzo Ferraro at Galleria Browning, Asolo 

    Opening: March 16 at 18:00
    Open Saturday and Sunday (11:00 - 12:30 and 15:30 - 19:30) or by appointment

    Galleria Browning is pleased to present the new photography and art exhibition curated by art director Steve Bisson. The exhibition aims to discuss the overproduction - even suffocation - of images in society. What does it mean to be a photographer? The exhibition attempts to answer, without claiming to be exhaustive, by showing three projects, three actions, all Italians: Luca Capuano, Giuseppe De Mattia and Lorenzo Ferraro. The exhibited projects are an opportunity for dialogue, and for a discussion on new directions and procedural alternatives in photography that can change in response to the need to provide new life and possibilities of interpretation.

    The photographs of Lorenzo Ferraro were all taken on film and printed in the darkroom. It is an approach that moves in the shadow of tradition but is revealed only by planned post-production distortions. Taken from the series “Sventranapoli” these photos were made by overlapping each other and forming a single sequence as long as the negative film. The author examines this ‘strip’ prints a portion by exposing with the enlarger each part of the negative with different exposure times, and thereby tying them together more evenly. Ferraro also exhibits some works from the series “Rough” including photos, that from the print quality to the “grain” size, appear to be “rough and dirty”. Particularly in the underwater image we can see that the negative film is ruined by sand and salt already present in the camera or on the lens while shooting.

    © Galleria Browning

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